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Patient Testimonial Concerning Gerard D. Grau, M.D., and Nora at MEDICOLASER Clinic, Fort Lauderdale

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Hi Everyone,

Here I am just a couple weeks shy of my 61st birthday, starting a second life and career and ready to put my best face forward!

With all my girlfriends going for this and that treatment the past few years, I personally did not believe that liposuction, collagen pops, fillers, or Botox were sustainable or predictable treatments.

I am a Nature Girl and have very strong feelings about about leaving Nature alone for the most part, so I thought only about pursuing skin rejuvenating programs which actually produce new skin, not simply expose lower layers of epidermis. And changing the shape of things is out of the question for me. Which is why I was first attracted to Medicolaser Clinic, a private medical office practicing Skin Rejuvenation and Age Management Medicine.

I wanted to take some steps toward skin rejuvenation I knew Dr. Grau's assistant was a beautiful woman close to my age and I decide to work first with her and try and learn about laser treatments or just what there is to be done.

We started with Candela laser treatments for the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin and lip, and a bottle of Latisse, and from the start Nora told me the truth- nothing would do for my face what a facelift would, because it was a matter of extra skin.

I really had hoped that science would have provided more advanced techniques of rejuvenation before I would feel I needed a facelift. I was in denial and believed lasers would do it all, though it didn't matter anyway. While my hard palate was distorted and teeth were splaying didn't seem like the time to do any facial remodeling.

After a laser hair removal treatment with Nora, if Dr. Grau was available, he began explaining to me the wonderful world of skin lasers as well as their different quality as clinical machines. Before I received my first facial laser surgery at Medicolaser Clinic, I was delivered a full lecture on what the laser was, how it worked, and what role it played in a program of rejuvenation. I wanted to know.

Thus I was deciding for myself that if laser treatment did not tighten my skin to my satisfaction and I would later want a facelift, at least I would have better quality skin for lifting, so nothing wasted.

The CO2 Dot Matrix Laser for fractional laser skin resurfacing truly does produce a new dermis from the basal cells. Dermal cell production is re-activated by the burn and the epidermis sloughs off for quite some time. So of the skin lasers, this would produce the most tightening, though Dr. Grau said it would not be very much. It would however greatly improve my tone and old not so cute anymore freckles.

But- I had yet another chronic inflammation lurking beneath the skin which Dr. Grau deemed rosacea.

"No way," I cried, "those are just little broken capillaries in my cheeks from microdermabrasion."

Rosacea is capillary overgrowth I am informed. Though no one would think I had rosacea, the capillaries could  be seen in my cheeks, plus I always turned very red in the face when exercising. In order to have the deeper CO2 laser, I needed first a different laser which more or less evaporated the capillaries. Otherwise, there would be bleeding with the CO2 resurfacing.

While I was relaxed for the capillary treatment I allowed Dr. Grau to do something I had never allowed a doctor to do- he removed a soft raised mole at the beginning of my eyebrow I had had since age one. I didn't like it, but I was afraid of having a scar.

"Oh yes, and let's take this lentigo off your eyelid-"

Something the size of a speck off my eyelid? Now this is pure trust, but it is also purely right- to have these things done by an impeccable plastic surgeon.


My Face: The Ravages of Time

Phase I. The Good Old Days

I got off to a pretty good start, for having spent a lifetime in South Florida. I was never allowed to get a sunburn, then got out of the sun at age 22 and began wearing hats, long sleeves, special sunglasses, stopped smoking, stopped all alcohol, exercised regularly. This plan worked great, up to a point, convincing me I would never age too terribly.Phase II. Approaching the Point of No Return
In my forties I began becoming concerned about the sustainability of my fountain of youth, and I began the usual spa treatments, glycolic peels, microdermabrasion, herbal peels, deep hydration, all the while wondering if technology would improve before I would need the inevitable facelift. I dreamed of future rejuvenation clinics- walk in, walk out restored, with no cutting! How long could I put this off? I wanted techniques of rejuvenation, no injections or filler fixes- but would this technology occur before I turned to a relic?These "after" photos were shot in my backyard in natural light, and without professional makeup or extra frills. Following two Medicolaser Laser treatments decolleté, for broken capillaries and skin resurfacing, and finally, for me the easiest part of all, Dr. Grau's long-waited facelift.

Age 60
Age 60.5

Age 60
Age 60.5

PHASE III. Two Years Down the Road

What has surprised me most is the continued slow loss of epidermal skin cells two years after just a single treatment with the CO2 Dot Matrix Laser! This means fresh skin is still in production. As a result, I seldom wear more than a light rice powder on my face during the day because my complexion is surprisingly even in tone, after sixty years of living in Florida! When I go to the salon, my hairstylist tells everyone, "She's had a facelift!"

This raises astonishment from all present who can see while my hair is all wet and I have no make-up, there is no trace of surgical marks anywhere. The concensus is always a marvel at how nice my neck and jaw line are while my face does not look pulled, distorted, but just years younger than my chronological age.

My next plan is another CO2 Dot Matrix Laser fractional laser skin resurfacing.


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