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Permanent Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal w

Located in central Fort Lauderdale, MEDICOLASER operates 21st Century state of the art lasers with the skill, knowledge, and experience of medical doctors.

Laser hair removal at MEDICOLASER is performed By
Nora, RE under the Direct Supervision of Gerard D. Grau, MD, FACS.

Laser treatments are considered surgery and by law require the physical presence of the supervising licensee on the premises.

The procedure, offered with minimal patient discomfort, gives life-changing freedom from the endless cycle of traditional hair removal techniques- shaving, depilatory creams, plucking, and waxing.

Until now, the only recognized technique to permanently remove hair has been electrolysis. Laser treatment is most effective and expedient when targeting dark hair follicles.

We welcome a call to Nora for a complimentary personal consultation.

You may also learn about other minimal invasive technologies for achieving complete skin rejuvenation.

Candela Laser

The Candela GentleLASE Plus System

Discover the ultimate hair removal laser...

This exceptional laser has been pioneered in the office of MEDICOLASER for patient comfort in achieving superior aesthetic outcomes for permanent hair removal  leading to smooth skin and help with ingrown hairs.

Lasers have been in use many years for a variety of medical cosmetic procedures including treatment of facial and blood vessels, age spots, and rejuvenating the skin of the face.

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MEDICOLASER Special Offer!

Purchase 2 $100 LASER HAIR REMOVAL treatments and receive a complimentary third treatment within three months
Areas include (select one), upper lip, chin, ears, nose, sideburn areas, areolas, toes, or fingers

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Dr. Gerard Grau

Aesthetic Care is a beautiful choice in the hands of a qualified surgeon...

Gerard D. Grau, MD, FACS is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with an active licensed aesthetic and laser practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the ABPS.

Compare a standard issue surgeon/doctor to an American Board Of Plastic Surgery certified surgeon.

Check if your surgeon is certified with the American Board of Medical Specialties

"ABPS is one of the 24 specialty boards recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). It is the only ABMS board which certifies in the full spectrum of the specialty of plastic surgery of the entire body." - American Board of Plastic Surgery

Gerard D. Grau, MD, FACS has brought his 35 years of Board Certified experience in plastic and laser surgery to MEDICOLASER , offering minimally invasive office- based aesthetic patient care for both men and women. 

Florida Medical Association

Broward County Medical Association Member

Broward County Medical Association Member

Surgical Qualifications

MEDICOLASER 2633 East Commercial Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 Office Phone: (954) 727-0599



Minimally Invasive Facelift and Laser Patient Testimonial with Unretouched Before and After Photos:

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NEW! SmartXide DOT Therapy Laser - C02

Smart Oxide Laser

Fractional technology

See what DOT laser skin resurfacing can do for you!

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